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Sometimes it's nice to immerse yourself in a room with a classic style and traditional feel. Our traditional wallpaper collection has all the favourites of yesteryear, celebrating the past and embracing traditional decor in contemporary ways.

With pages of wallpaper graphics, there is bound to be a high-quality traditional wallpaper design for your interior renovation project, whether a DIY installation or a professional transformation.

Traditional 3D wallpaper patterns

Wallpaper is seen as an art form in the world of interior design, and all your favourite traditional wallpaper designs are here in our collection.

Examples of our traditional wallpaper patterns include:

  • 3D Crocus pattern
  • 3D Fire shape
  • 3D Rattan graphics
  • 3D Flower vine
  • 3D Paisley
  • 3D Mosaics
  • 3D Fleur-de-Lis
  • 3D Tartan patterns and much more

Our collection features traditional 2D designs, as well as modern 3D traditional patterned designs that appear to jump out of the wall, giving new life to stunning classic patterns.

Other traditional 3D wallpaper designs

Wallpaper has a long history, and we love having a diverse selection in our AJ Wallpaper collection.

Other examples in our traditional wallpaper collection include:

  • 3D Botanical and floral designs
  • 3D Vertical and horizontal stripe patterns
  • Classic 3D tile graphics
  • 3D Animal and animal skin prints
  • 3D Abstract and surrealist graphics
  • 3D Geometric patterns
  • Kid's designs and much more

Our 3D traditional wallpaper designs feature self-adhesive backing that allows quick and easy installation without using messy glues and pastes, meaning there is no need for drop sheets and furniture covers.

Browse and buy online today, or call the toll-free number for your region to speak to a representative.

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