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Most popular designs from our co-operated artists!

Posted on November 15, 2019 by AJ Wallpaper

Are you looking for some unique design to decorate your wall or searching for some fantastic image for your bed cloth, rug mat, or anything else? We are making a great effort to fix your requirements with our artist’s artwork. AJ WALLPAPER has co-operated with the famous artists Vincent Hie and 渡部陽 Noir blanc to bring you some great ideas for your family décor.

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Artworks come with Famous Designers from AJ wallpaper

Posted on November 12, 2019 by AJ Wallpaper

AJ Wallpaper is working hard to bring you some creative, comfortable, and unique decorative styles with our wallpaper. We have signed up with famous designers all over the world. Their artworks are different in style, and there is always one for you. Today, we will introduce four designers and their artworks to you. 

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Make your bedroom a calm and peaceful private space with our wall murals

Posted on November 08, 2019 by AJ Wallpaper

As you went to the bedroom, the warmer and romantic it has been decorated, the more comfortable you felt. For about one-third of a day you are staying in the bedroom, the style of it will have a significant influence on the quality of your daily life.

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Attractive ideas for dining room!Make a change of your home

Posted on November 06, 2019 by AJ Wallpaper

In modern homes, the dining room is typically adjacent to the living room, being increasingly considered a space to be used during formal occasions or celebrations. As the function of the dining room becoming more critical for families, our designers made great efforts to create décor ideas for you while hoping to give yourselves and your guests' a more comfortable space.

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Make your kids’ room a sanctuary

Posted on November 01, 2019 by AJ Wallpaper

Our designers are working hard to build a fun, practical, and safe space for kids. Kids room themes are coming with a cartoon, forest animals, whale, vine flower paint cloud, and so on. Make a change with the wallpaper of your kids' room, and it will provide children with room for expression - and, of course, room to play - so that they can give free rein to their dreams. And our murals can help you to create design styles from kids to teenagers.

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Attractive restaurant wall murals that are leading the trend of this year!

Posted on October 30, 2019 by AJ Wallpaper

For most of the restaurant operators, the essential thing they concerning about is what design can match their style or how it can express their aesthetic taste while making customers enjoy the time in their place. Our designers are making efforts to create different attractive restaurant decoration styles for wall murals, and they are coming with traditional brick, forest morning, rainbow graffiti and so on, we think there should be one that fixes you.

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How to design a different bathroom?

Posted on October 23, 2019 by AJ Wallpaper

A strong bathroom design needs to function seamlessly while also looking attractive.This ensures that your day starts on the right foot, and ends with relaxation and calm.Our wall murals design can totally meet these requirements and give you a real different bathroom, feel exciting? Please try these themes such as woods, forest, rainforest, beach and nostalgic brick. And with the canvas material, you will never worry about the moist problem.

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