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AJ Wallpaper Install Guide

Our prestigious selection of wallpapers and murals are the solution to so many renovation problems, and each of the products we offer is all designed with a DIY installation process in mind.

    • No Glue or Paste Required
    • No Professional Decoration Experience Needed

Our range of products all come with a handy self-adhesive backing that is both quick and easy to install. If you make a mistake with the original positioning, then repositioning is easy, and it will not affect the overall effectiveness or presentation of the product on your walls or ceiling. Another significant benefit of our products is that you can update and change their position as often as is required.

Please follow the below instructions to prepare and install your new AJ custom wallpaper.

AJ Wallpaper Checklist – Pre-Installation

Before you install your new custom wallpaper or mural from AJ Wallpaper, please check these points.

    • Make sure that your wall is correctly primed. It needs to be smooth with little variation to the surface.
    • You need to remove any peeling paint and fill and smooth over any cracks.
    • Remove any dust, dirt, or lint and remove any picture hooks or nails.

Things to Do Before Installing Custom Wallpaper

The ideal texture for the application of AJ adhesive wallpaper is properly primed, smooth, cured, and painted wallboards that have no surface variation.

If there is any damage whatsoever, then getting this repaired in advance of any installation is key. Loose paint, cracked or rough surfaces all need to be eradicated before you apply your custom wallpaper or wallpaper mural.

If you choose not to do this, your wallpaper might not fix to the wall correctly, and if you wish to remove it at a future date, it could cause the paper to become damaged, rendering it useless for future application.


Key Points to Know About AJ Adhesive Wallpaper

Make sure that any walls which have been painted have been correctly processed and cured according to the manufacturer's requirements. If you do not adhere to the paint manufacturer’s guidance, this could result in issues that affect the adhesion and the removal of the custom wallpaper.

Handy Hints

Before installing the wallpaper, please test the compatibility of the pants Vs. the adhesion. It is best to avoid these specific paint finishes when you install AJ wallpaper.

    • Heavily Texturized Paints
    • Matte or Flat Finished Paints
    • Exiting Wallpaper That is Not Removed
    • Oil Enamels and Primers
    • Paints with Teflon or Silicones

Although AJ wallpaper is designed to be easy and quick to install, it is always a good idea to get a friend to help hold the paper in place while you peel the adhesive.

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