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Boris Draschoff

Artist gone fishing

It sounds both beautiful and poetic. And that, in a way, is also what characterizes Boris' works. He was an early starter because as a 6-year-old he invited his family inside his own gallery. Although made of cardboard boxes and lying in the backyard, it was nonetheless a way for Boris to display his art. And a beautiful way even. The expression in his works reflects the way he sees the world. Everything Boris sees he reduces to the essentials. And it's all from restructuring shapes and colors along cubic lines, or when he creates mindblowing pop-art collages on pastel-colored backgrounds. With Boris Draschoff you are guaranteed to turn your perspective 180 degrees. When Boris does not work in art, he pursues his education as a fashion photographer, builds furniture or travels around the world and discovers new things. And if Boris had to give a younger version of himself a good piece of advice, he would say that one must follow one's heart and do only that which makes one happy all the way into the heartbeat. Second is a waste of time.


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